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Ten Defenses (Minus One!) in Employment Discrimination Claims

In a discussion that touches on race, religion, sexual harassment and plenty of other controversial topics, employment defense attorneys Faith Alejandro and Joshua Rogers explain nine defenses commonly used in employment discrimination claims. The speakers also discuss a recent Supreme Court case that eliminates a once-reliable employment defense in the Fourth Circuit.

Further, they use intriguing fact patterns from case law to demonstrate how different defenses work and provide practical tips from their own practice. This discussion leaves you with a greater appreciation for the complexity of defending employment discrimination claims and offers tools to better understand the legal realities of your own workplace.


  • Faith A. Alejandro, Sands Anderson PC, Richmond, VA
  • Joshua L. Rogers, Sands Anderson PC, Durham

June 2024

NCBA CLE Department as part of Expert Series

North Carolina: 1.00 MCLE Hour

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