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Uncovering Hidden Data in Family Law Cases

Focusing primarily on family law, this session covers how digital forensics experts uncover hidden data, how clients and users attempt to hide assets and new trends experts are seeing in cases.

Michael Maschke explaines how these experts anaylyze mobile devices, computer systems and social media.

Specific topics include:

  • A.I. and digital forensics
  • Smartphones
  • Apple Airtags
  • AirGuard and tracker detect apps
  • Texting
  • iCloud backups
  • Finding, preserving and authenticating social media evidence
  • Digital forensics
  • Data recovery
  • Google and encrypted searches
  • Cryptocurrency


  • Michael C. Maschke, Sensei Enterprises Inc., Fairfax, VA

Session from Evidentiary Issues: The Digital Family World (2023 Family Law Section Spring Program), April 28–29, 2023

North Carolina: 1.00 MCLE Hour

1.00 Technology Training
Qualifies for NC State Bar Family Law Specialization


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