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Construction Contracts: Drafting Issues, Spotting Red Flags and Allocating Risk - Part 1

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Construction contracts are among the most difficult agreements to draft or review and negotiate.

At every stage, building is fraught with substantial risk – timely regulatory approvals, cost containment and price certainty, financing contingencies, building deadlines, and a host of other risks. If these risks materialize, as is common, the bargained for exchange among the parties and their expectations are radically unsettled.

Construction contracts are a careful allocation of risks, a compromise between flexibility and price/cost certainty, and establish procedures for resolving disputes short of costly litigation.

This program provides a practical guide to drafting the most important provisions of construction contracts.

Part 1 topics include:

  • Reviewing and drafting essential provisions of construction contracts
  • Use and common mistakes in using AIA contacts in negotiations with builders
  • Defining the scope of a project and planning for modifications
  • How fees and costs are structured – and allocating risk of modification
  • Tying performance standards and timelines to payments

Tuesday, October 25, 2022
1:00–2:00 PM


  • John Miller, John R. Miller PLLC, Charlotte

October 25, 2022

North Carolina: 1.00 MCLE Hour

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