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Defending Estate and Gift Tax Audits

This item is expired.

The IRS reviews every estate and gift tax return and audits them at a far higher rates than income tax returns.

When a client return is chosen for examination and audit, an estate is subject to a very time-consuming and costly process. Understanding the steps in the process, the personnel involved, and the limits of what you can reasonably expect as part of a settlement are all essential to successfully concluding an audit. It's also very important to understand how returns are selected for exam.

This program provides a practical guide preparing for and defending and audit and tips for reducing the risk of triggering an audit.

  • Timeline, process, personnel and deadlines – understanding how an audit unfolds
  • Common audit triggers and how returns are selected for examination
  • Review of common issues on audit – FLP/FLLCs, defined value clauses, insurance policies and lifetime gifts
  • Drafting responses and working with IRS personnel
  • Determining the range of reasonable settlement proposals
  • Important attorney-client privilege, statute of limitation, and evidentiary considerations

Thursday, May 5, 2022
1:00–2:00 PM


  • Brian R. Harris, Fogarty Mueller Harris PLLC, Tampa, FL

May 5, 2022

North Carolina: 1.00 MCLE Hour

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