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Ethics and Digital Communications

Lawyer use of technology, in both their professional and personal lives, is inescapable, and frequently those two worlds blend and give rise to substantial ethical issues.

It's difficult to disconnect from constant digital communications. Lawyers talk to, email, text and otherwise communicate with clients on smartphones, tablets, and social media. Frequently these and laptops are connected to public or at best semi-secure networks, despite the fact they are used to carry sensitive and often confidential information.

The ease of technology obscures its complexity – a complexity lawyers are required, as duty of competence, to understand before they use it.

This program provides a roadmap through the maze of ethical issues that occur when lawyers use technology in their lives and practices.

  • Lawyers and social media – obtaining information on clients, adversaries, jurors and others
  • Ethics when you're never unplugged from technology
  • Traps for law firms when using the cloud
  • Ethics and working remotely
  • Lawyer ethics when texting clients, witnesses, and others

Friday, February 18, 2022
1:00–2:00 PM


  • Thomas E. Spahn, McGuireWoods, Tysons Corners, VA

February 18, 2022

North Carolina: 1.00 MCLE Hour

1.00 Ethics/Professional Responsibility
1.00 Technology Training


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