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Video Depositions and 30(b) Depositions

Explore how the coronavirus pandemic has caused significant changes to the civil justice system, including disrupting or temporarily halting court operations, and introducing challenges into otherwise routine litigation activities.

While some litigants are hoping to continue using the pandemic to stall litigation, with some experts projecting more months of social distancing guidelines, most parties and their counsel have to conduct many or most of their depositions remotely. Attorneys who can master the art of the remote deposition have an enormous tactical advantage in motions practice, at mediation and at trial.

The session also includes discussion about technology attorneys can employ to successfully conduct remote depositions and use those depositions at trial.


  • Mark E. Anderson, McGuireWoods, Raleigh
  • Kimberly M. Marston, Brooks Pierce McLendon Humphrey & Leonard LLP, Greensboro

Session from Letter of the Law: Practicing Litigation in 2021 (2021 Litigation Section Program), May 19, 2021

North Carolina: 1.25 MCLE Hours

1.00 Technology Training


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