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Effective Appellate Litigation: Improving Your Practice in State and Federal Courts of Appeals (2021 Appellate Practice Section Program)

When done well, the practice of appellate litigation is the art of constantly learning. Even the most experienced appellate litigator can learn from colleagues in the bench and the bar more effective ways to frame an argument, supervise junior attorneys and navigate the rules to best serve her clients and the courts.

Amidst it all, appellate litigators must continue to learn how to deal with the demands and stress of the profession. During this program, superstars of the North Carolina bench and bar cover these topics and more to help you become a better and more effective appellate attorney.


  • The Nuts and Bolts of Appellate Litigation in North Carolina Courts
  • Hidden Gems: The Surprising Stories Behind Some of North Carolina's Appellate Practices
  • Strategies and Resources for Addressing the Risks of Remote Work for Mental Health and Professionalism
  • From the Private Bar to the Federal Bench: What I Know Now That I Wish I Knew Then
  • Issue Framing
  • Cross-Appeals: What, Why, When, and How in State and Federal Courts
  • The Lighting of a Fire: Lessons Learned in Supervising Appellate Clinic Students

Live Webcast
Thursday-Friday, June 3-4, 2021

NCBA Appellate Practice Section

North Carolina: 6.00 MCLE Hours

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