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Business Valuation for Family Lawyers

8:55         Welcome and Introductions

9:00         Business Valuation for Family Lawyers

Dwight A. Ensley,, Greensboro

Valuing the family business for equitable distribution is a complex matter. Dwight Ensley takes us through the business valuation process for equitable distribution, from information gathering to more complex topics such as active versus passive appreciation, double dipping and COVID-19 issues. This presentation includes relevant equitable distribution North Carolina statutes and cases.

12:20       Adjourn

This program includes two 10-minute breaks


Valuing the family business for equitable distribution is a complex matter. 


  • Dwight A. Ensley

    Dwight A. Ensley, JD, MBA, BBA, CVA is the principal and manager of

    Mr. Ensley has a unique mix of knowledge in business valuation, business development, operations management, marketing, and finance, as an entrepreneur of over 20 years. He is diversely experienced with startups, acquisitions, divestitures, operation expansion, market development, and general business management. He is also excellent in solving long-standing problems with creative solutions to improve operational efficiencies.

    Click here for more information about Dwight.

February 22, 2021
Mon 8:55 AM EST

Duration 3H 25M

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