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How to Prepare for Mediation from a Family Financial Mediator

We all know the importance of preparing a case for trial. Hours, often days, are spent organizing the file, copying exhibits, putting together trial notebooks, drafting legal memos, and making sure the client and witnesses know what to expect. We wouldn't dream of neglecting a single detail of preparation before packing up our banker's boxes and heading to court for a hearing. But do we give our mediations the same priority? Based on the experience of this mediator, the answer is too often no, which raises a question: why not give preparation for mediation the same "respect" as preparing for trial, given how beneficial for the client it is to settle the case out of court?

Although the manner in which a case is prepared for a hearing versus a mediation is inherently different, for obvious reasons, the family law paralegal can play an integral role in helping to prepare a case for mediation in a way that will almost guarantee a successful outcome for the client.

This session covers:

  • Financial analysis
  • What documents are important
  • Assets and liabilities spreadsheet preparation


  • Cary Close, Cary Close Family Law, Raleigh

Session from Keeping It All Together: Today's Family Law Paralegal CPE, February 19, 2020

North Carolina: 1.00 CPE Hour

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