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The Appellate Craft: Improving Appellate Advocacy at Each Stage

A paralegal should be a vital part of any appellate team. Unfortunately, in many instances, a paralegal's role in appellate practice is often misunderstood, underappreciated, and, thus, paralegals are under-utilized.

While not attempting to cure all of this at once, hopefully, this session may help provide pointers that can be applied to increase the paralegal's role in appellate practice and thereby improve the overall quality of appellate advocacy in the North Carolina Appellate Courts.

  • Preparing for the appeal
  • Avoiding traps in filing a notice of appeal
  • Compiling a useful record
  • Crafting effective briefs
  • Tools for oral argument


  • Judge Tobias S. "Toby" Hampson, North Carolina Court of Appeals, Raleigh

Session from Keeping It All Together: Today's Family Law Paralegal CPE, February 19, 2020

North Carolina: 0.75 CPE Hours

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