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2019 NCBA Paralegal Division Annual Meeting

This advanced-level manuscript offers opportunities to grow and update your professional knowledge in your field.

Content covers a variety of topics designed to educate and update you and to energize your career, including:

  • Fundamental information about cryptocurrencies and blockchains, including how these technologies affect the discovery process for litigation teams and professionals working in e-discovery
  • Applicable rules that govern the world of e-discovery, real-world examples of the ways things can go wrong and how to fix them
  • The very real problem of human trafficking and how North Carolina citizens and courts are being affected
  • Key topics of the new Session Law 2018-45, including changes that affect boards of directors and officers, voting trusts, shareholder agreements, mergers that follow tender offers, appraisal rights, short-form mergers into non-corporate parent entities, and a new statutory ratification procedure for defective actions or share issuances
  • The latest real estate news and the most frequent claims, new legislation and recent trends affecting your practice
  • Details and procedures that make trying a criminal case in North Carolina different and exciting
  • December 2018 changes to the WDNC Local Rules and modifications to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
  • The general status of immigration law resulting from the recent government shutdown through a review of recent court cases and presidential orders, and how these changes have affected enforcement policies
  • A North Carolina Supreme Court Justice's take of modern ethical dilemmas faced by North Carolina paralegals

Manuscript originated from 2019 NCBA Paralegal Division Annual Meeting, May 3, 2019