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2018 NCBA Paralegal Division Annual Meeting

This manuscript offers outstanding tips on how to grow professionally and information on how to educate yourself and energize your career.

Use this manuscript to learn about:

  • Important new and recently changed laws, including the Uniform Power of Attorney Act, the North Carolina Identity Theft and Protection Act, and immigration law
  • What potential employers are looking for when they search for you on social media — a beginner's guide to what not to put online when you're looking for a job and some of the craziest stories from a lawyer who’s seen it all
  • Important developments in civil procedure through case law that has developed since the 2015 amendments to the North Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure — what’s “hot” and procedural traps for the unwary
  • The basics of trust account transactions, including how to prepare reconciliations and identify potential fraud in real estate transactions — review practice tips and recent rule changes, and gain a better comfort level with the North Carolina State Bar’s Random Audit Program

Manuscript originated from 2018 NCBA Paralegal Division Annual Meeting, May 4, 2018